For Merchants and Professionals.

In a tough economic climate businesses are always looking at ways they can improve their earning potential and with the iCare4 cash back card, you can implement a whole new revenue stream. It is designed for customers including business users and merchants, who wish to explore new ways to boost profitability.

iCare4 will provide you with all the essential tools you need to develop your network, manage your funds and earn cash back rewards. You can test the water with access to the free iCare4 Rewards cash back account which will have limited functions, but will give you a taster of what to expect with the fully functional iCare4 Rewards cash back account.

Sign up today and discover the many ways the iCare4 can help your business today.

iCare4 Merchant Products

Each store/merchant has agreed to pledge an amount of minimum 10% purchase price to provide to the rewards program when a purchase is made on the rewards master card.



As a merchant not only do you get access to our large membership base to sell your product to but you also get to participate in the rewards system.

Get paid even when your customers buy from someone else.


iCARE4 provide a larger network of Marketing Avenue through the iCARE4 merchant giveback. Merchants receive a marketing package which include brochures and store advertisement. Online marketing through online merchant mall.


Stores and members can earn more money by signing other members. By signing up members, you receive rewards when they shop at a rewards store. Effectively creating another way to earn more rewards.