Save simply by shopping.

The iCare4 cash back card can be used for your personal needs, such as managing your money as a means of saving or to get cash back rewards from a range of popular brands. You can also build your very own personal business with the cash back card. All you have to do is introduce others to the range of benefits and watch as your network grows; along with your cash back card balance!

If you are interested in principle but not quite sure if it is for you, we can provide you with a free account, with no hidden charges or obligations. You won’t have access to all of the functions but it is a good way to test the cash back card and if you like it, you can always to speak to an advisor and increase the functions.

Sign up today and discover the many ways the iCare4 card can benefit your everyday life.

Personal Account Features

Our personal accounts are designed to help you better manage your finances, save when shopping with our partners, create savings goals and so much more. You will receive a MasterCard that you can use like a regular card and take advantage of our numerous features. Here are some of them.



Our online store offers amazing deals and great products, all from the convenience of your own home. What’s more, you can shop from your favourite device and get closer to the iCare4 world and the advantages it offers. You can learn more by visiting the Shop page.


iCare4 has partnered with leading providers of goods and services to bring you the ultimate shopping experience. You can not only learn about the best deals and get the latest products, you can also save some money when shopping with your iCare4 MasterCard


Aside from helping you save money and providing you with a better shopping experience, the iCare4 platform will also help you manage your money, create financial goals and take better care of your general financial life.